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Return to Salem's haunted magic show for spooky thoughts - reading, magic, and even cursing! Join the real Salem witches while you are blessed in a magical circle, visit the cemetery, learn about the history of the Salem Witch Trials, the Salem Witches, the fair and much more!

There are also some wonderful ideas for shopping - most museums in Salem have small shops where you can buy souvenirs (see the links at the end of this hub). Visit some of Salem's most enchanting museums and historic attractions, including the local cemetery and the Witches "House.

There are also a number of small shops in the city centre, such as the Old Town Market. These shops are a great place to find gifts for your family, friends and colleagues on site. Here you will find handmade items by local artists and craftsmen, as well as vintage-style clothing.

The New England Dog Biscuit Company can deliver their homemade dog treats, and Penelope's Pet Boutique at the Coon Card Gift Shop is full of pet clothing and accessories. If you're planning a future shopping trip to Salem, this European-inspired boutique at the Old Town Market in Salem offers gift cards that you can order online. You can also buy a variety of locally made gifts that decorate your home from Moody's Home Gifts, including candles, chocolates, jewelry and other handmade items. Those who can't make it to Pickering Wharf can order incense, clothes or clothes from Cauldron in Black or buy magical, handmade items such as candles and handbags in the Enchanted Garden.

Free shipping to the US is available at Modern Millie's online store, which offers vintage-inspired clothing and weekly promotions. A variety of cheeses made by the Salem cheese shop are available online, including subscriptions to wine and cheese clubs, but these clubs are only in-store pickup.

If you are not nearby, order Salem gifts, souvenirs, books and more online or online. re in Salem, you can even ask to pick up your order in Salem - so if you have a car to take your shopping to your car, stay safe at home! You can imagine ordering takeaway or gift cards at a favorite local restaurant, checking out the latest exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum, or even ordering a copy of the latest issue of Boston Magazine available online in-store.

Gift shop where you will find a wide selection of gifts, souvenirs, books and books as well as a selection of local and national brands.

Located right in the heart of downtown Salem, the Trolley Depot is your first stop for EVERYTHING in Salem. When visiting Salem, you should see for yourself the beautiful views of the city from the top of Pickered Hill and Old Town Square.

Built in 1630, the museum is the oldest living history museum in America, modelled on Salem. It was founded in 1637 and also serves as home to the Binx Hocus Pocus and houses the remains of the accused Salem witches, the Salem Witch Trials.

Today, the Witch House tour combines fascinating insights into the events of 1692 with a fascinating insight into the present. Visitors will gain a deep insight into the lives of those involved in the "witch trials" and into the history of the Salem witch trials.

Massachusetts Governor William Phips was involved in the Indian Wars, a war between Puritans and Salem. The year before, I had visited my sixth-grader, who was also very interested in Salem after reading a book about the experiments. My experience began with how corruption and greed led to the persecution of those who happened to own land desired by the powerful.

In addition to handmade candles, Witch Town Witches offers handmade interior decorations and gifts, and Lissette's carries everything mystical, including books on the Salem Witch Trials, witchcraft, magic and occultism, as well as candles and jewelry.

The tour took us through most of the old town, including the Salem City Library, the Old Town Hall and some other historic buildings. My favourite part of our day was the walk through the old town with its historic houses, churches, shops, museums and historical sites.

Be sure to read Part 1 of our Salem Gothic Guide, which covers some of the best museums, including the 1692 Witch Trials. Whatever the season, you can always find something that suits your interests, from ghost walks to the pedestrian area, which is a fun and convenient place to explore. There are great restaurants and shops all over the city, and there are also many great shops and restaurants in the city center. Get social contacts with your online shopping and some fun finds from the Style Snoop Shopping Group on Facebook.

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More About Salem