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You will learn what preceded the infamous witch trials and what life was like in Salem at that time. The statue in the Salem Witch Museum is not actually a witch statue, but a simple but haunting monument dedicated to one of the most famous witches in Salem history, Mary Magdalene.

Near Burying Point is the Salem Witch Trial Monument, which commemorates the 20 people executed in Salem during the period of witch hysteria. To understand the brutality of the witch trials, you should definitely pass by the cemetery and the attached memorial to the witch trials in Salem to understand everything.

I mentioned this briefly, but the Salem Witch Trial Monument deserves its place in the history books as one of the most important places in Salem.

Downtown, there are several boutiques dedicated to the occult, including the Crows Club, one of the last to open. The popular museum is outdated, but the souvenir shops around it are amazing and there is a wide selection of books and books on occult subjects.

If you're a child visiting Salem, the Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites, conveniently located on the waterfront, is a good choice. The name is even more divine Salem, so you could take a boat trip to the slums and drive in one of the most famous haunted houses in the world.

A day trip from Salem to Boston is a worthwhile trip, but don't forget to look at the history, not just the scary factor. If you want to come to Salem in October or any other time of year, read on. Check out our list of Boston activities this fall, as well as some things to do around Boston for Halloween with our Boston Halloween Guide.

For activities and fun activities in Salem during this popular season, check out our Haunted Happenings calendar. One of the more sophisticated tours that delves into Salem's dark history includes a "Walk to the Salem Witch Trials," and it doesn't even have to be a more monstrous fun experience. The tour ends with a visit to Salem, which we recommend without a guide. If you missed something, you can also organize a Salem Haunted Attractions event on October 31 and November 1 at the Salem Haunted House, or organize a Halloween event in Boston with our Boston Halloween Event Calendar.

You may also want to visit Judge Jonathan Corwin's home in Salem during the trials that are still pending. The house is the only building in Salem that is still directly connected to the witch trials.

Jonathan Corwin was a judge at the time of the Salem witch trials and was assigned to investigate the defendants, who would normally come to his home to explain what was happening to them. Indeed, there was once a judge who heard the "Salem Witch Trials" in 1692-93, and sent innocent people to their deaths by drowning or by the press.

Since we had only a short time in Salem, we decided to do the Salem Trolley Tour first to get oriented. Then we said goodbye to the nice town of Salem, forgot a quick lunch and drove back to Boston to do more sightseeing on this most beautiful day trip.

Our first stop in Salem was the Witch Cauldron Museum, where we could see a replica of the "Witch Trial" that took place in Salem in 1692. We stopped at Salem prison, a 17th century prison that housed accused witches, and took a look inside to see how wealthy families lived in the late 16th century.

Salem became a center of privatization during the American Revolution and has since been fully embraced by the local tourism industry. Salem is known as the "Witch City" because the Salem Witch Trials took place between 1692 and 1693. With a population of about 1.5 million people, it is the second largest city in the USA after New York City.

The city hosts a variety of events such as Halloween parties, festivals, concerts and other events. Halloween - Trivia, Halloween parades, haunted houses, a Halloween parade and more are just some of the events offered in Salem in October.

If you loved the movie "Hocus Pocus" as a child, take a day trip to Salem, MA. Salem is only 25 miles from Boston, so it's easy to combine both cities on the same trip. If you are in the area, Salem would be the perfect day and day trip destination as it is only a short drive from Boston and a few hours from New York City.

Downtown Salem is ideal for strolling around the city while enjoying the Common and watching the Sanderson Sisters, but if you prefer to visit, you'll find events all over the city. Salem is a great place to walk around the city and especially Essex Street, which is full of street performers, food and shopping.

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